Evgeniі Iushkov’s murder is officially confirmed

Lovozero, Juškovoń garažoś

Death of Evgeniі Iushkov have been officially confirmed. He is one of two victims perished in garage fire in Lovozero on November 29, as reported by NRK Sápmi, national public broadcaster of Norway, with reference to Victoria, Iushkov’s wife.

Also NRK Sápmi published information that Russian police considers intentional murder as the main version of the incident. There are two suspects now: one was detained, another is wanted by the police.

Free Idel-Ural previously reported about murder of Evgeniі Iushkov, well-known figure in Sami national movement.

On Sunday morning (November 29) two people perished as a result of fire in a garage in Leningrad oblast’. One of them was Evgeniі Iushkov, well-known translator, who knew many languages. For many years he worked in Sami Union (Sáof merađđi). Bodies of Evgeniі and his comrade were found in Iushkov’s garage, which burned down almost completely. Evgeniі lived in Kárášjohka municipality and studied Sámi University of Applied Sciences in Kautokeino.

According to information of Free Idel-Ural, Evgeniі Iushkov and his friend were in Evgeniі’s garage. Unknown persons wanted to accomplish an act of theft in a nearby garage. Evgeniі or his friend heard suspicious noises, went out to investigate and was shot down. Another partner, hearing gunshots, went out from the garage and also was shot. Criminal(s) transferred both bodies into garage and set it on fire. Two bullets were discovered by police in each victim’s body.

Evgeniі Iushkov (45) is Sami from Lovozero, where he was born, grew up, studied, where he created his family. Mister Iushkov was a wonderful man, he was a brilliant example of real intellectual – clever, soft, non-confrontational, very pleasant to communicate with. He was known as a top-level translator (oral, written, synchronous translation) in Norwegian, English, Sami, Russian languages. Such specialists are very rare nowadays. Evgeniі participated in many international and national conferences, seminars, meetings, events of native peoples. It was a co-ordinator in many initiatives and worked with many questions related to Sami people in Russia. He wasn’t very well-known to general public, but without him and his communication capabilities Sami national movement would be paralyzed.