Declaration on official naming of Erzya people

We, delegates of Congress, representing all Erzya in Russia (Russian Federation),

– building on history of our people during many millenniums,
– honoring memory and following ancestral traditions,
– feeling ethnic, language, spiritual and cultural unity,
– noting with delight presence of stable Erzya self-consciousness,
– recognizing responsibility to create favorable conditions for survival and development of our future generations,
– basing on provisions of both international law and Constitution of Russian Federation that guarantee human rights as well as people’s rights,
– expressing respect to history, traditions, culture, languages and national dignity of other peoples,
– wishing to join global community of peoples under our own historical name,
– striving to be recognized as independent full-fledged people,
– hoping on understanding, good will, collaboration of nations, governments and other authorities or administration bodies,
– expressing expectations of all the Erzya people,

We hereby declare about its will to be officially known under its proper historical name of Erzya people and reaffirm all its inalienable rights.

With the best wishes of Consent, Peace and Progress to all peoples.

Congress of Erzya people.
Republic of Mordovia,
March 23, 1995.