Russian authorities massively involved FSB operatives to prevent Ras’ken’ Ozks

Mariź Kemaĺ

On July 9, 2022, in a village of Chukaly (Bolsheignatovskiy district, Republic of Mordovia) the national prayer gathering of Erzya people, popularly known as Ras’ken’ Ozks, took place. It is known that Ras’ken’ Ozks was forbidden as early as 1629 by Russian tsar’s decree. However Erzya people continued to support their religious tradition unofficially, particular during totalitarian rule of Russian communists. For first time after a long period of abandonment renovated folk prayer gathering took place on July 17, 1999. The representatives of Erzya intellectulas, activists of Erzya national revival Mariz’ Kemal and Kshumantsian’ Pirguzh have initiated the prayer gathering. Traditionally the venue for such a solemn event was chosen in connection with Erzya history, namely an ancient burial mound in a village of Chukaly, which confines, according to ancient legend, over 11 thousand of Moksha, Mari and Udmurt warriors fallen in 1612 in a battle with the Nogai horde. Since that time Chukaly became the traditional location for Ras’ken’ Ozks, that is conducted every three years.

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Syreś Boläeń: «The star of Erzyan Mastor is going to light up soon!»

Russian forces did not manage to capture Kharkiv, Chernigiv, Sumy, Poltava, Kyiv and other large cities of Ukraine. Having suffered serious losses, Russian could not gain a foothold in the cities. Instead, they have switched to rocket strikes on residential districts and bombarding of civilian infrastructure objects. Moscow bets on killing the large number of civilians in this way demoralizing the adversary.

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