Inyazor of Erzya people announced the start of nomination campaign for candidates to Atyan’ Ezem

Atäń Ězems kočkamot

Syreś Boläeń, Inyazor (chief elder) of Erzya people announced the beginning of procedure for nomination of candidates to Council of elders of Erzya people (erz. Atyan’ Ezem). The corresponding document is published on Inyazor’s official web-site.

Inyazor, alluding to the norms of Statute on forming and operation of national representative bodies of Erzya people, has declared the beginning of nominationof candidates to elders (by elector), and also reminded about the key procedural moments of Atyan’ Ezem forming.

According to the document, electors (Erzya political parties, public organizations, societies, charity organizations) must apply their lists of candidates to Inyazor’s office no later than 10 days before the first meeting of Atyan’ Ezem, which is traditionally conducted by elders in the days of Rasken’ Ozks, the traditional Erzya prayer gathering. The list should be formed according to the following principle: 1 elder from every hundred members of an association, as well as 5 reserve candidates, elected by the members of the association by the free and secret voting.

The decision on the nomination of candidates from electors (1 candidate from 100 Erzya people) is documented by a protocol signed by the chairman of a meeting.

A reserve candidate is nominated in case of refusal or impossibility of further participation of the main candidate in the nomination procedure. A reserve candidate occupies the position of the corresponding candidate on the basis of rating system after a public statement of the main candidate or due to the obvious impossibility of the main candidate to take part in the nomination procedure. At the moment of participating of a main candidate in the first meeting of Atyan’ Ezem he becomes an elder and can not transfer his mandate or voting rights to third parties.

10 days before the first meeting of the new convocation of Atyan’ Ezem Inyazor is obliged to validate its composition as follows :

– rating of electors is formed according to protocols, based on the number of members of an association. The association with the largest number of members ranks the first, the one with the least ranks the last respectively;

– every first candidate from protocols of electors is delegated to Atyan’ Ezem;

– if the number of elected elders of Atyan’ Ezem is under 18 persons then the procedure recurs with every second, third, fourth, fifth candidate from protocols of electors until Atyan’ Ezem will not be fully manned. Atyan’ Ezem elects from among its members a chairman and a secretary. Inyazor and Videkuro (arbitrage body that handles disputes in national movement) are elected not from the elders.

“I call upon all Erzya people, regardless of political affiliations, to take part in the nomination of candidates to Atyan’ Ezem. The future of Erzya people depends on our ability to self-organization. We may have different perspectives and visions about ourselves, but only we – Erzya people – have the right to decide what is useful and what is destructive for our people. We did not pretend and we do not pretend now to act as a substitute for the Government or the Head of the Republic of Mordovia. However, nobody except us, Erzya people, will talk about our problems, necessities and expectations. Exactly for this purpose we need our own national representative bodies”, – Syreś Boläeń commented the decision.

It should be reminded that Syreś Boläeń, Inyazor of Erzya people, has previously stated about the impossibility of holding the National convention (erz. Promks), and enacted the norm about the special period, foreseen in the Statute on forming and operation of national representative bodies of Erzya people, under which Council of elders assumes the functions of the National convention of Erzya people.